Perform onstage in a professional, supportive environment

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Tech Crew

Design and build sets, costumes, lights, and more!

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Private Lessons

Hone your craft with lessons tailored to your own goals

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College Audition Mentorship

Complete mentorship for your college audition process

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Home School Programs

Educational theatre, Shakespeare, and performance classes

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Pit Band

 Join our productions as part of the student orchestra

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We believe any student can do theatre and deserves a positive arts experience.


Through a supportive and professional atmosphere, Highwood gives students the confidence that allows them to thrive.


At Highwood, students take the lead on all aspects of theatre onstage and behind the scenes.


“In the Highwood environment every person who walks through the door is truly valued, and provided an opportunity to be an active member of a supportive and fun community, regardless of what challenges they face."


“I think what I liked most was seeing every member of your cast perform their hearts out.  They were 100% devoted to this endeavor, and that speaks volumes."


"Highwood changed the lives of my two children.  They found a group of friends who appreciated them for who they were, they developed self-confidence on stage and, for the first time, were applauded by their peers.  They became happy with who they were.”