Art Squared

About the Camp

Highwood's Art Squared summer camp is an engaging, educational, and fun arts experience for any student.  The camp explores applications of the arts in the modern world - how do we use art in the 21st century?  Led by a team of talented, cutting-edge artists, this camp allows students to problem-solve, experience new and unique art forms, and explore through guided play and question-based learning.​  New This Year: Two levels of 3D Printing, Digital Music, and Photography classes provide an even greater educational experience for students with previous experience in a subject area, or who have attended Art Squared before!

Art Block Subjects (see more information below)

  • Improv - theatre games and activities focused on communication skills, conflict resolution, creativity, and FUN
  • TheatreFIT - a dance/acting/movement/sports mash-up designed to raise appreciation for an active, healthy life
  • 3D Printing - use easy-to-learn computer software to design, create AND print your own 3D art, new gadgets, or figures
  • Digital Music - use modern technology to create your own music - from composing on a keyboard, to exploring percussion tracks, audio effects
  • Upcycling Art - use found or recycled objects in new ways, whether through fashion, engineering, sculpture, or design
  • Photography - explore the world of photography from staging, shooting, and editing your artistic or realistic photos

The Counselors

Artists in Training work on the front lines of Highwood's Art Squared camp and are an integral part of the camp experience for your child.  Artists in Training are counselors and help campers move from class to class, assist Faculty in classes, and help campers through any problems that arise during the day.  The Artists in Training are rising 7th - 12th graders, many accomplished performers, artists, or musicians themselves, and go through an interview and training process before camp starts to make sure they are knowledgeable and prepared for camp!

Dates and Details

Open to rising K - 7th graders

Camp runs from 9:00 AM - 3:30 PM Monday through Friday

Session 1: June 24 - 28

Session 2: July 1 - July 5 (no camp July 4) - Special Price of $260 for the week or $65 by the day - CURRENTLY FULL

Session 3: July 8 - July 12

Session 4: July 15 - 19

Session 5: July 22 - 26

Session 6: July 29 - August 2

Session 7: August 5 - 9

Session 8: August 12 - 16

Session 9: August 19 - 23

Cost: $325 + $25 Registration Fee per session (except Session 2)

Sign up for 3 or more sessions and get 7% off - just E-Mail Us!

Extended AM (8:00 - 9:00): $50 per session or $10/day

Extended PM (3:30 - 5:00): $75 per session or $15/day

Meet The Teachers

Art Block Subjects

Digital Music


Find your beat

What can you do in an ArtBlock...?

Start with a pre-made beat (or make one yourself) - add a second layer, created with an acoustic instrument, or played on a MIDI-keyboard.  Work with the instructor to add on simple melodic patterns or basic chords, then add finishing touches to your repeating beat or short song!

Why digital music...?

Did you know much of the music you hear every day isn't created with real instruments?  It's digital! Digital music is a great, accessible way to learn simple music theory while learning about sound and recording at the same time.  Almost every music album, TV commercial, piece of music on the radio, and even Broadway show uses audio tracks, sound loops, and digital music of some form.

3D Printing


Your mind's the limit

What can you do in an ArtBlock...?

Start with an idea - what do you want to print?  Use simple, drag and drop modeling software to create your object by combining and transforming different 3D and 2D shapes.  Change their size, change their orientaion, explore how they meet and intersect.  Then, choose a color, and start printing!

Why 3D printing...?

The power of printing 3D opjects is immense.  Used today in manufacturing, science, and thousands of products around the world, a printed object is always within your reach.  But, it all starts with creativity, design, and art.  We can use 3D printers to make household objects, small sculptures, props for theatre, missing pieces of toy sets or Ikea furniture - your mind's the limit.



Interact with your world

What is Improv...?

Improv is a form of theatre where characters, storylines, and dialogue are made up on the spot.  Basically, we do improv every day in real life - talking to our friends or parents, talking on the phone, public speaking, dealing with difficult situations, or waiting at the bus stop.  

Why Improv...?

Improv is relevant to everyone's lives, and we can use fun improv games and exercises to help us all improve communication skills, problem solving, and thinking on the spot.  Improv is tons of fun, and we'll discover new ways to use it every day!  Some special areas we'll focus on are conflict resolution, public speaking, sponteneity, comedy, and dialogue.



Get moving!

What is TheatreFIT...?

TheatreFIT is Highwood's trademark theatre/fitness program, combining movement, dance, acting, and sports.  In TheatreFIT, we'll explore stretching, dance, stage combat, active theatrics, agility, BollyX, and even some active games. 

Why TheatreFIT...?

TheatreFIT is the perfect way to get everyone's energy up at the start of the day.  In addition, who doesn't like to have some good, active fun?  In theatre, we believe in fitness and being physically ready for any role or job.  We feel it's important to start developing an appreciation for health and an active lifestyle at a young age.  And, of course, that's important in life as well.



Set the mood

What can you do in an ArtBlock...?

Start by learning a bit about your camera, then pick your shot - nature, a person, an abstract object. Work with the instructor to frame and take several great images.  Upload them to the computer, and start editing.  You can manipulate colors, shadows, add effects to images, and even change them completely to set your desired mood.

Why photography...?

Almost every photograph you look at is edited, but it all starts with a great image.  Photography is the foundation of many art forms and parts of our life - from the news and reporting, to websites, posters, visual art, theatre, projections, and more.  Knowing how to take a great digital image, and edit it to reflect a certain mood or tone will be crucial for life in the 21st century.

Upcycling Art


Understand your environment

What can you do in an ArtBlock...?

We'll find objects around the theatre or throughout our neighborhood and see what we can do with them.  It might be a piece of art, it might be a scrulpture, or it could be a multi-step contraption to accomplish a goal, or it might be a piece of furniture.  But, we can do it all with found, recycled objects, and a little help from our workshop.

Why upcycling...?

More than just taking care of our environment, upcycling is way to save money, resources, and use your creativity to its fullest potential.  Problem-solving and analytic thinking take a front seat when creating out of found objects.  In our modern world, making the best out of what you can find for free is important to think about and try.

Meet The Teachers

Henry Wiebe

Areas of focus: Improv, Movement, Sports, Acting 

What's your goal in life? 

To have as much fun as possible!  

Why is art important? 

It is the pure expression of the human mind.  It allows us to freely express ourselves.

Sam Intrater

Areas of focus: Improv, Acting, Music, Technology  

What's your goal in life? 

To be as happy as I can be  

Why is art important? 

It allows us to build creativity, ​technique, and identify our passions

How do YOU use art every day? 

I use art as a way to define myself and connect with others  

What are you excited about for this summer? 

I'm excited to get students interested in the arts at an early age so they can stay hooked their entire lives!

Gabbie Ballesteros

Areas of focus: Drama, Dance, Art, and Everything Theatre  

​​​What's your goal in life?​​ To create something that affects how people see the world.  

Why is art important? 

It allows us to both explore and express ourselves in unlimited ways, and fosters creative thinking and innovation.  

How do YOU use art every day? 

I carry around a journal to jot down any doodles, poetry or writing fragments that come to mind, and I sing and dance almost every day!​  

What are you excited about for this summer? 

Having the opportunity to pass on my love for the arts and to collaborate on creative ideas!

Will Valdes

Areas of focus: Music, Technology, Theory 

​​What's your goal in life? 

​To be content.  

​express ourselves in a way that is fulfuling and unique  

How do YOU use art every day? 

I use art everyday as a way to relax.  Whether it's singing along with the radio or playing guitar in my bedroom, art is a big part of my life.  

What are you excited about for this summer? 

I am most excited to meet all the campers!  Art Squared is going to be great!

Austin Patterson

Areas of focus: Improv, Acting, Music  

What's your goal in life? 

To be successful and happy  

Why is art important? 

It allows us to express our feelings to others in a way that makes us

How do YOU use art every day? 

I use art by "performing," or at least expressing my emotions to others through entertainment or otherwise.  

What are you excited about for this summer? 

This summer, I am excited to bring something that I love , like the performing arts, to students to that they can enjoy it as much as I do!